YES Scholarship is awarded to enrolling freshmen in recognition of their excellent academic achievements prior to admission into a new programme in YES Academy.

YES Academy is pleased to offer scholarships to Malaysian students for the intakes in January, March and September 2018. Students who fulfill the scholarship application in SPM/Cambridge GCE O-Level Grades listed in the table below can submit the application online via starting from 1 December 2017 onwards.

YES Academy will notify/ announce the result via the applicant's email and the YES Academy website. Only the completed application will be processed. 

Eligible Diploma Programmes for scholarship application: 

  1. Graphic Design  
  2. Business Management 
  3. Information Technology 


SPM Grades
Cambridge GCE O-Level Grades
Scholarship Quantum
9(A+,A,A-) and above
9 A's and above
1st Year Tuition Fee
8 A's
7 A's
6 A's
5 A's
4 A's
3 A's

* Scholarship quantum will be deducted from the tuition fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

APPLICATION DEADLINES: 2 weeks after commencement of programmes or 2 weeks after the release of actual results.


  1. The scholarship is offered strictly to full-time registered students at YES Academy.
  2. Offer of scholarship will only be made when the Institution receives the actual results. (Academic Certificate validity is 1 year prior to joining YES Academy -year 2018 except stated otherwise).
  3. Incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted.
  4. English 1119 will not be considered when granting the scholarship.
  5. The scholarship quantum is in the form of tuition fee deduction; it is not a cash award. In the event where the scholarship amount awarded is more than the tuition fee payable of the year, the recipient will be awarded up to maximum tuition fees payable of the year only.
  6. The schedule of general fees must be paid as and when required, in accordance to YES Academy policy on enrolment and fees.
  7. The scholarship ONLY covers tuition fee deduction in subjects enrolled for the first time (first attempt), NOT for the ‘repeat’ subjects.
  8. Should such a withdrawal, termination or suspension occurs, YES Academy reserves the right to claim for the recovery of fees due, which are calculated on a pro rata basis. This is based on the valuable benefit received by the recipient.
  9. Should the recipient accept any other scholarship (of any amount), this scholarship will be terminated automatically. The YES Academy reserves the right to claim for the recovery of the fees due, which are calculated on a pro rata basis. This is based on the valuable benefit received by the recipient.
  10. The duration of the scholarship is up to the completion of study period specified by YES Academy. No extensions are allowed.
  11. In the event of a dispute on the eligibility for the scholarship, the decision made by the Scholarship Committee is final.
  12. YES Academy reserves the right to alter, add or delete any of the terms and conditions and scholarship scheme at any point in time as and when YES Academy deems necessary.
  13. YES Academy reserves the right to involve the scholarship recipients in interviews, advertisements, photography or other publicity related activities for the purpose of promoting the educational institution.
  14. Non-compliance to any of the terms and conditions related to the relevant scholarship would result to a breach of contract.

For Diploma Programmes:

  1. The scholarship is offered strictly to full time registered students of YES Academy upon settlement of the first semester fees. It is mandatory that the recipient completes the entire duration of the course.
  2. The scholarship will be implemented in the 2nd semester of the programme.
  3. Full scholars need not to make further semester tuition fee payments until the full utilisation of the total 1st year tuition fee.
  4. Full scholars upon utilising the total of 1st year tuition fee, will continue fee payments for the remaining semesters.